我是 Patrick Wang,現居台北淡水,目前是一名前端工程師 (Front-end Engineer)。

  • 擁有 6 年以上前端相關工作經驗,曾待過步調快速且有趣多變的數位行銷產業、自由彈性又能參與改變的新創公司,以及團隊實力堅強的網路媒體。
  • 專注於網站前端開發領域,亦有部分後端經驗(Controller, View 部分),可與設計師及後端工程師合作無礙。
  • 近半年開始接觸 react-native 開發 iOS/Android App,亦有上架作品。
  • 喜愛跨部門的專案成員合作形式,與網頁設計師、PM 及後端工程師共同執行專案。
  • 興趣是風景攝影、旅遊、看海、寫寫部落格分享知識,擁有幾個小型開源專案, 業餘時也會參與其他 Open Source 專案開發(e.g., react-nativeintl-tel-inputgit-point (unofficial GitHub App)detect-inappremotedev-server 等)。


  • React.js, react-native, redux, react-router
  • Webpack, Gulp.js, yarn, npm, Jest, Enzyme, Mocha, Chai, Appium, Unit/E2E Testing
  • CSS3, SCSS/PostCSS, RWD, RESS, SVG, Susy, HTML5, JavaScript/ES2015, jQuery
  • Python, Flask (兩年), Ruby on Rails (半年) (Controller & View)
  • Sketch, Zeplin, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
  • Git (CLI), GitHub
  • JIRA, Redmine, Asana, Scrum



  • 網站前端開發工作,與網頁設計師、後端工程師、企劃等跨領域的團隊合作
  • 組織扁平、彈性自由、步調明快,但又不失條理
  • 彈性工時
  • B2C Web 產品佳

Work Experience


Senior Front-end is a famous financial information platform, which provides investors financial management information, products and services.

As a Senior Front End Developer, I work with other roles in Scrum team, including other Front-End Developers, Backend Developers, Designers and Product Owners.

Responsible for

  • Responsible for the development of cnYes‘s products, including: news website, mobile site, stock website, fund website, CMS and news Android/iOS application.
  • Using React.js & Redux & react-router for SPA development, and using React-Native for Android/iOS application development.
  • Introduced & built front-end unit test, and E2E testing from scratch, and increasing the unit test coverage of our products.
  • Wrote tools with Node.js to solve some routine jobs (e.g., Testing theme API at local machine without uploading to server everytime).

Techniques used

  • Front-end: React.js/React-Native, Redux, react-router, Isomorphic, reselect, SPA, SCSS, Webpack, ESLint, Jest, enzyme, Appium, Sketch/Zeplin, Google Analytics, A/B Testing
  • Development: JIRA, Jenkins, Git, Scrum
2016/09 - Present

Lead Web Front-end EngineerGogolook (Whoscall)

Gogolook is be famous for its main product Whoscall. In 2013, it was acquired by Naver.

Whoscall is a popular (over 20 millions downloaded) mobile application, which instantly identifies the source of calls and text messages from numbers that are not in user‘s contact list, and also helps user block specific numbers.

Responsible for

  • New product site‘s front-end development.
  • Developing Whoscall‘s global & region official site and product site.
  • Implementing Whoscall campaign sites, including viral post templates for marketing.
  • Integrating Whoscall APIs & 3rd party APIs within websites.
  • Developing and bug-fixing cross platform and device websites. (including IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Android Browser, iOS Safari, IEMobile and in-app Browser)
  • Survey and build project`s front-end tool chain, workflow and coding style from scratch.
  • Refine website`s SEO plan and implementation with Product Owners.
  • Part of back-end development. (Python/Flask, Controller & View)

Techniques used

  • Front-end: ReactJS, Susy 2, Photoshop, SCSS/PostCSS, Mobile Web, RWD, RESS, SVG, jQuery/ES2015, Gulp.js, Webpack, Bower, ESLint, i18n, SEO, App Indexing, PageSpeed
  • Back-end: Python, Flask
  • Development: GitHub, Asana, JIRA, Slack
2014/03 - 2016/06

Front-end DeveloperTechbang (PChome Publication)

Techbang is a large, well-known technology news portal in Taiwan.
Our technical team has 1 backend (Ruby on Rails) developer, 1 web designer and 1 front-end developer (me).

Responsible for

  • Implementing the front-end feature of large websites.
  • Mobile version implementation. (Not only RWD, but also RESS. Reducing the http requests, DOM nodes, CSS rules... etc.)
  • Cross-browser/device bug fixing.
  • Developing several campaign sites.

Techniques used

  • Front-end: CSS3, HTML5, SCSS/Compass, Bootstrap, Mobile Web, RWD, RESS, JavaScript/jQuery
  • Back-end: Ruby on Rails, MySQL
  • Development: Github, GitLab, Redmine, HipChat
  • Process: Pull Request, Code-review
2013/09 - 2014/03

Web Developer & ManageriPrefer Digital Integrated Marketing Agency

iPrefer Digital ( is a well-known company in digital agency industry.
I was a Manager and Web Developer in Web Technical Team.

Responsible for

  • Programming frontend and backend (ASP.NET C#, jQuery, CSS, HTML), more than 100+ projects. (campaign sites, enterprise websites and interactive devices.)
  • Web technical department management.
  • Researching the new skill and prototyping.
  • Planning the web project. (e.g., wireframe, API document, flowchart)
  • Attending the brainstorming meeting, providing the web techniques evaluation.

Techniques used

  • Front-end: CSS, HTML5, JavaScript/jQuery, Node.js, Facebook Graph API
  • Back-end: ASP.NET (C#), Microsoft SQL Server, Stored Procedure, PHP, MySQL, IIS
2010/03 - 2013/03