Patrick Wang (patw)

  • Specialize in front-end development. Using React.js to develop SPA websites mainly, and also develop iOS/Android apps with React Native.
  • Love to make the user-facing and interesting projects' frontend development.
  • Strong experience with Scrum/Kanban Frameworks and Agile methodologies.
  • I have some open source projects, and also be a contributor to many open source projects. (e.g., react-nativeintl-tel-inputgit-point (unofficial GitHub App)detect-inappremotedev-server)
  • Writing articles on my blog for sharing knowledge to the community.
  • Introversion, humble, self-regulation and self-requirement.

Related Skills

  • React.js, React Native, redux, react-router, Next.js
  • Webpack, Gulp.js, yarn, npm, Jest, Enzyme, Mocha, Chai, Appium, Unit/E2E Testing
  • CSS3, SCSS/PostCSS, RWD, RESS, SVG, Susy, HTML5, JavaScript/ES2015, jQuery
  • Supporting Controller & View part with backend frameworks: Python/Flask (2014 - 2016), Ruby on Rails (2013)
  • Sketch, Zeplin, InVision, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
  • Git (CLI), GitHub
  • JIRA, Redmine, Asana, Scrum/Kanban

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  • Frontend development. No all in one position, and really care about Frontend in company ❤
  • Self-organized organization. Free and trust, but also has well-organized workflow (e.g., Scrum/Kanban).
  • Consumer-facing (to C) products

Work Experience


Senior Front-end is a famous financial information platform, which provides investors financial management information, products and services.

As a Senior Front End Developer, I work with other roles closely, including other Front-End Developers, Backend Developers, Designers and Product Owners.

Why I came

  • In company, we REALLY care a lot about the Frontend product & quality
  • Accumulating Frontend teamwork experience (7+ people in Frontend team)
  • A chance to develop mobile app with React Native as a Frontend Developer

Responsible for & Achievement

  • Developed cnYes's new products (鉅亨網 App & Bitbolt App) by React Native, bring more value for our company & frontend team
    • Team members: 1 Director, 1 PM, 2 Frontend, 2 Backend, 1 DevOps and 1 Designer
    • Develop Bitbolt App (cryptocurrency app) from scratch.
    • Pivot 鉅亨網 App to a Social Platform. Implement new features & bug fixes in App (e.g., Google Sign-in and Social features... etc), make better UX for the users, DAU was more than 46,000 (YoY +120%), and MAU was more than 170,000.
    • Increasing revenue by implementing 變色龍廣告版位 (theme ad) in app
    • Winner of the Google Play Editor's Choice award
  • Introduced unit test & E2E test into our team
    • Surveyed and introduced Jest unit test for frontend development (We use React.js & React Native) to our team in 1 month, and I was also invited to share the topic in frontend community
    • Surveyed and implemented E2E testing for mobile app, to decrease the loading of manual test and crash cases
  • Accumulating frontend teamwork experience, and delivered products with good quality in Scrum's fast iteration
  • Participated in Scrum & Kanban team and all ceremonies (e.g., daily stand-up, sprint planning, demo meeting, retrospective.)

Techniques used

  • Front-end: React.js/React Native, Redux, react-router, Isomorphic, reselect, SPA, SCSS, Webpack, ESLint, Jest, enzyme, Appium, Sketch/Zeplin, Google Analytics, A/B Testing
  • Development: JIRA, Jenkins, Git, Scrum/Kanban
2016/09 - 2018/09

Lead Web Front-end EngineerGogolook (Whoscall)

Gogolook is be famous for its main product Whoscall. In 2013, it was acquired by Naver.

Whoscall is a popular (over 20 millions downloaded) mobile application, which instantly identifies the source of calls and text messages from numbers that are not in user‘s contact list, and also helps user block specific numbers.

Why I came

  • Absolutely free & trust start-up environment
  • Have a chance to build famous app's web version

Responsible for & Achievement

  • Built web front-end's tool-chain & workflow from scratch
    • As an initial employee in Web team, I surveyed & built web product's tool-chain & workflow, including Webpack, Gulp, structure, coding style and lint tools, and these are still in use in web products's workflow.
    • Introduced "Sketch app" for "How to improve the cooperation between developers & designers by Sketch App" in internal developers' meeting, and also writing this as a  blog article  which was be shared many times in community
    • Due to the lack of web team members, I also support some backend development with Flask/Python in Controller & View part
  • Accumulating the cooperation experience with multinational team in start-up company
    • Cooperated with Korea & Brazil team, built Whoscall official website, campaign websites and new product sites.
    • Work with Planner, Designer, Backend, App Dev, QA and marketing closely in a flatten & fast-paced organization.
  • Built cross platform & device multi-language websites, improved SEO to increase the number of App downloads
    • Implement websites which were supporting multi-language, including Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Portuguese
    • Qualified by QA department. Websites were supporting Chrome, Firefox, IE, Android Stock Browser, Chrome for Android, iOS Safari, Windows Phone, In-app Browser... many browsers & devices.
    • Surveyed about App Indexing to increase number of App downloads by directing from search result
    • Tuned up the SEO of websites' number detail page with Planner
  • Implemented new web-based product to expand new business modal
    • Whoscall Card, Yellow page of Stores, and number search pages

Techniques used

  • Front-end: ReactJS, Susy 2, Photoshop, SCSS/PostCSS, Mobile Web, RWD, RESS, SVG, jQuery/ES2015, Gulp.js, Webpack, Bower, ESLint, i18n, SEO, App Indexing, PageSpeed
  • Back-end: Python, Flask
  • Development: GitHub, Asana, JIRA, Slack
2014/03 - 2016/06

Front-end DeveloperTechbang (PChome Publication)

Techbang is a large, well-known technology news portal in Taiwan.
Our technical team has 1 backend (Ruby on Rails) developer, 1 web designer and 1 front-end developer (me).

Why I came

  • Want to accumulate more frontend experience & works in a product oriented company

Responsible for & Achievement

  • Improved & refined the UX and loading speed of Techbang's mobile web
    • Decreasing http requests from 139 to 29; loading size from 1.5MB to 324KB; loading speed from 17s to less than 3s
  • Built "電腦王網站" in 1 month with 1 rails backend engineer and 1 designer
  • Built event sites for company's annual campaign

Techniques used

  • Front-end: CSS3, HTML5, SCSS/Compass, Bootstrap, Mobile Web, RWD, RESS, JavaScript/jQuery
  • Back-end: Ruby on Rails, MySQL
  • Development: Github, GitLab, Redmine, HipChat
  • Process: Pull Request, Code-review
2013/09 - 2014/03

Web Manager & EngineeriPrefer Digital Integrated Marketing Agency

iPrefer Digital Agency  is a well-known company in digital agency industry.
I was a Manager and Web Engineer in Web Technical Team.

Why I came

  • Interesting projects including websites and interactive devices
  • Free and enthusiastic environment, work very close with team members

Responsible for & Achievement

  • Delivered projects in very urgent schedule
    • As a agency company, we need to deliver more than 3~4 projects in 1 month. I was responsible for development (Full-stack, JavaScript, Flash, C#.NET & MSSQL) with 1-2 Designers and 1 Planner.
    • Delivered Brand's interactive vending machine in press conference in only 1 month
  • Earn recognition from famous companies and digital awards
    • Win lots of digital advertising awards from Yahoo! 4A Creative Awards, the Click Awards and Asia-Pacific Advertising awards with team members.
  • Improved & refined the project's workflow
    • As a technical manager, I not only manage the department, planned the projects (wireframe, API document and flowchart), but also made lots of improvement about technical workflow, including the project requirement standard, schedule issue and the deliver workflow.

Techniques used

  • Front-end: CSS, HTML5, JavaScript/jQuery, Node.js, Facebook Graph API
  • Back-end: ASP.NET (C#), Microsoft SQL Server, Stored Procedure, PHP, MySQL, IIS
2010/03 - 2013/03